Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces

You can have your vegetable garden even if you live in the busiest part of the city. Urban gardens, although usually small, can be used for cultivating vegetables and other plants. To start your urban garden, you have to find ways to use the available space regardless of its size creatively.

There are so many advantages of starting your urban garden. Here, I have listed some benefits below;

  • Save your money- you can save money by growing and harvesting some of the vegetables you often eat instead of buying them from the market.
  • Never run out of supply- Your urban garden will become a consistent source of supply to meet your needs.
  • High-quality harvest- You are surely going to enjoy the high-quality and fresh yield from your urban garden for non-commercial consumption.
  • Less stress- Your urban garden will be easier to maintain. There is little need for hard work such as digging the soil, weeding, or preventing those stubborn pests such as snails, or ants from attacking your vegetables.

The perfect spot for your urban garden

You need to find the most suitable space around your home. It is probably going to be a confined space, but there are options. You can use your window sill, patios, staircase, balconies, and even the rooftops to start or expand your small-scale vegetable garden.

Vegetables you can grow


So many meals require the use of tomatoes. You can grow them in pots as part of your urban vegetable garden. You can also grow tomatoes and pepper in balconies or rooftops. You may need to tie the plant to a cane. This is a strategy used to keep the plant erect while it grows.

Leafy greens

You can also grow leafy greens such as spinach, lettuce, and kale in your urban garden. These greens thrive in bigger sized pots that fit in your patios or balconies.


A good example of a common herb we use often is parsley, and it thrives in small gardens. Parsley, when grown in pots needs water, and some sunlight. So it would help if you securely attach some of the pots intended for the cultivation of parsley to the window sill in your home.


Green peas and beans will also grow in your little home garden. You may need to tie the plants in an upright position using canes to give them enough space for growth.

In some cases, you will need to use cracked pots which aid drainage of water. You can place these pots in the balconies. Pots can also be lined on the staircase to start your urban garden. Plastic containers can also be used to help you achieve your goals.

Get started; it will be fun; what’s more, many of these plants do not grow into untidy bushes. Plants such as the tomatoes and pepper will look beautiful in your urban garden.