Container Gardening Ideas

Gardening is an activity which one could engage in at one’s leisure time. However, space could be a challenge for gardeners – this an advantage of container gardening. Also known as pot gardening, it involves the use of containers (plastic pots, terracotta pots or baskets) to cultivate either edible or ornamental plants. So, you want to engage in container gardening? In this article are some creative ideas for you to make beautiful gardens.

Adopt makeshift containers from old household items
Right there in your household are old unused containers that can serve as pots for your horticultural practices. Bring out your old tea cups, cooking pots, kettles and watering cans and fill them with rich loamy soil and plant your favourite flowers in them. Your unused ceramic cups can be used to plant and decorate, also old car tires can be painted with bright and beautiful colours and used to cultivate ornamentals. Go into your store, bring out those items and use them to create your garden or even design your porch.

Get creative, design what you have in mind
More than likely you have a beautiful concept in your mind of how to cultivate your flowers, you can make them yourself. Take for instance you could get cardboard, cut them into desired shapes and style (e.g. cylinders or alphabet initials) line the inner part with plastic bags and plant flowers in them. Think outside the box!

Adopt patterns, shape and colours
As you plant, use elements like patterns, space, shapes and colours. You could line your patio with flower vases of different colours and patterns that would appeal to the eye. Symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangement of pots could be used too.

If space is a challenge, plant vertically
Perhaps you have very limited space, you can decide to plant upwards. Make use of baskets, shutters, racks, shelves and wall planters. These items would enable you plant vertically, providing space for more pots. You could make use of a small ladder by setting planks on the steps and placing the pots on them.

Cultivate diverse plants
As you adopt the ideas illustrated above, do not forget to plant different crops. Variety is the spice of life, so make sure you cultivate various types of ornamentals such as succulents, climbers, sansevierias and the likes. You might be interested in some edibles like vegetables too, you can also cultivate them in containers.

Gardening is possible even with minimal space. Find unconventional planters, be creative and cultivate plants that you desire.