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BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2012 BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2012, 19th June 2012
BBC Gardeners’ World Live is a great favourite with the public, with its selection of stalls, large floral marquee, show gardens and the addition of the BBC Good Food Show to enjoy as well. However some years the gardens have been a little disappointing with big name designers being significant in their absence. This is possibly because the show does not attract the level of sponsorship that other RHS shows receive, yet designers are competing for RHS medals just the same.

RNIB Garden RNIB Invites You To Experience The Senses, 30th May 2011
RNIB's RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden offers a voyage of discovery where visitors feel compelled to take off their shoes, according to designer Paul Hervey-Brookes.

M&G Garden Another Great Year Beauty With Bounty At RHS Chelsea, 29th May 2011
The 2011 M&G Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a modern take on a traditional kitchen garden, designed by renowned landscape architect Bunny Guinness. The title sponsor’s garden is one that you can both live from and live with – a modern take on a traditional kitchen garden – a beautiful, relaxing space and also a working plot producing bountiful fruit, herbs, vegetables and flowers.

RHS Chelsea 2011 Another Great Year For The RHS Chelsea Flower Show, 28th May 2011
The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2011 continues the tradition of exhibiting the best show gardens, created by the most talented designers, built with the highest level of craftsmanship using the finest materials. Oh, and of course the plants are quite good too!

RHS Chelsea 2011 RHS Chelsea 2011, 24th May 2010
Photos of the magnificant gardens from this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Decking Care Decking Care, 29th September 2010
Unfortunately our climate is not kind to wood and many homeowners have learnt the hard way that decks built in shade quickly become very slippery in the resulting damp conditions and that it is not a surface you can just leave for years and expect it to stay in good condition. With the correct care and attention a decked area can easily exceed 30 years of use.

Festuca glauca Elija Blue Garden Diary - August, 1st August 2010
We have had a dry summer this year and watering will be very important, particularly for trees and shrubs which have been planted in the last two years. Their root systems will not have developed sufficiently to cope with dry conditions.

Geraniums Garden Diary - July, 1st July 2010
Hopefully one of the hottest months of the year, July should be the time to enjoy the garden, harvest some vegetables, have a barbecue and not be too adventurous with new plantings.

Coton Manor Coton Manor, 3rd June 2010
Coton Manor is a beautiful traditional English garden centred around a honey-coloured 17thC manor house. In the 1920s the present owner’s grandparents began developing the garden and successive generations have continued this process to the present day, making best use of its natural setting which provides stunning views across the Northamptonshire countryside.

Stone Sculpturer Tom Clark Carving Sculpture In Stone, 2nd February 2010
Designers are always looking for interesting items to finish off a project and make it unique. Sculptural items are perfect for focal points or more subtle decoration but can often be extremely expensive. Tom Clark is a stone carver who caters for all pockets, not only creating large figures and statues with a price tag to match but at the same time producing casts of his most popular carvings for the smaller purse.

Honey Bees Need You Honey Bees Need You, 4th September 2009
Einstein said ‘If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left. No more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man’. So how many bees have you seen in your garden this year?

Future Gardens Future Gardens, 26th July 2009
If you are looking for beautiful, thought provoking and educational gardens that have something for all the family then you couldn’t do much better than to visit the Butterfly World Project near St Albans.

Basic Pergola and Arbour Construction Basic Pergola and Arbour Construction, 18th July 2009
Pergolas and arbours can create atmosphere, link different parts of the garden or provide a shady place to walk or sit. They give instant height and allow the gardener to grow climbers somewhere other than a wall or fence.

Gabions Sustainability - Why Bother?, 13th March 2009
I think by now it’s only a few ‘stick your head in the sand’ people who don’t accept that climate change is happening. There are perhaps a few more doubters as to the cause, whether it’s natural or man-made. Then of course, if you do believe humans are to blame there’s the problem of what we as individuals can do about it.

How To Choose A Garden Design Course How To Choose A Garden Design Course, 22nd February 2009
As garden design has become ever more popular so the range of courses on offer has also increased. Today courses can be found at universities, colleges and other horticultural establishments. As there are no set requirements for garden design courses when deciding on which course is right for you there are probably four major considerations: location, time, cost and course content.

'Funky Corkscrews' designed and produced for 'A Welcome Sight' by Adam Frost, the Best Urban Garden at Chelsea 2008. Iron In The Soul – And In The Garden, 25 January 2009
No garden designer can have failed to notice the increasingly prominent - and innovative - use made of ironwork by the industry's trail-blazers and trend-setters. Indeed, the Best Show Garden and the Best Urban Garden at the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show both incorporated ironwork to great effect.

Working With Willow Working With Willow, 15 January 2009
It was by sheer accident that Jay Davey ended up working with willow. A chance meeting while living in Canada, brought him to the Somerset Levels. The area is the perfect environment for willow, where it has been grown for thousands of years.

Garden Up The Wall Garden Up The Wall, 19 November 2008
We are all familiar with using plants to cover walls and fences but these are normally planted in soil. The latest trend is for plants to be grown on the wall itself.

New Government Rules On Front Gardens In England New Government Rules On Front Gardens In England, 13 September 2008
Garden designers need to be aware that from 1 October 2008 new government rules regarding the paving of front gardens come into force.

Euonymus Evergreens – the Cinderellas of the garden, 03 September 2008
‘Year-round interest’ is probably second only to ‘low maintenance’ as the most frequent request from client to designer and to achieve this part of their brief designers need to include some form of evergreen planting.

Lagerstroemia indica Violea Barcham Trees: small business ethos – large scale production, 23th July 2008
For a garden designer, a visit to Barcham Trees, the largest container tree nursery in Europe, is like putting a child in a giant sweet shop. A walk around the nursery is likely to lead to dangerous thoughts of purchasing more and/or larger trees than actually required.

Erigeron Karvinskianus Garden Design In Guernsey, 19th June 2008
Designers on mainland Britain have a wide range of conditions to deal with when designing a garden, but living on an island can add a whole new list of both problems and exciting possibilities. Helen Litchfield describes life as a designer on the Channel Island of Guernsey.

Exotic Gardens BBC Gardeners’ World Live – always worth a visit, 19th June 2008
Every June, Birmingham National Exhibition Centre becomes the venue for a show full of inspiration for gardeners. Following hot-on-the-heels of the Chelsea Flower Show (the most famous flower show in the world).

The Society Of Garden Designers The Society Of Garden Designers, 29th May 2008
In 1981 a few of the country’s top garden designers decided their industry needed its own professional body and as a result The Society of Garden Designers was established and today is still the only professional body in the UK dedicated solely to garden design.

Laurent Perrier Tom Stuart-Smith Garden Chelsea 2008 - A Personal Perspective, 27th May 2008
I had never been to Chelsea before – I hate crowds! A friend of mine goes every year and has her own way of getting the most out of the visit. It involves getting up with the birds, getting on a train early enough for there still to be a seat and arriving at Chelsea just before the gates open. website Hard Landscaping Know-How, 25th May 2008
It is probably safe to assume that most garden designers join the profession because they love either planting or design and sometimes both.

Twitter Web Page Hear The Robin Go Tweet Tweet Tweet, 21st May 2008
No it's nothing to do with the Jackson 5 or the wildlife in your garden, Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people using the web, your phone, or instant messengers like MSN. The messages that people send to each other are known as Tweets.

Dicentra spectabilis Plants in Focus - Dicentra spectabilis, 5th April 2008
As the early spring colour of snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses comes to an end it is time for the early-flowering perennials to take over. One such favourite is Dicentra spectabilis.

Finished green oak octagonal Pergola in pride of place. Working In Wood - A Green Oak Pergola, 2nd April 2008
The seeds for Williams and Marsh began when Bryn Williams, Richard Marsh and Kester Hoefkens met while studying furniture design at Rycotewood College, Oxford.

Google Results Page Top Spot for Garden Design Websites, 30 March 2008
In today's computer oriented world the internet appears to be king! Every business wants to be top of the Google listings and garden designers are no exception.

Coloured plant containers Colour in the Garden, 18 March 2008
When considering colour in the garden, plants are usually the first thing that spring to mind, yet colour in gardens can be introduced in other forms too: paint, containers, light etc.

Camellia x williamsii 'Debbie' Plants in Focus - Camellia, 1 March 2008
During late February and early March garden centres are overflowing with specimens of a glossy-leaved, evergreen shrub sporting large flowers ranging in colour from vibrant red to elegant white and even yellow.

Hellebores Plants in Focus - Helleborus x hybridus (Lenten rose), 17 February 2008
As one of the earliest flowering plants of the year, hellebores are an excellent choice for the winter flowering garden and each year new additions are added to the range of colours, patterns and delicate markings of this popular plant.

Henry Moore Sculpture - Double Oval Art InThe Garden, 07 February 2008
The design and build of a garden is much like that of a house: the main construction is crucial but the fun stuff is what comes at the end. In a garden it will be planting borders and sourcing water features, patio furniture and sculpture.

Front Door Garden Design And Property Value, 27 January 2008
It is well known that spending money on a new kitchen or bathroom will help to increase the value of a property. However, do well-designed gardens now fall into the same category?

How To Choose A Garden Designer How To Choose A Garden Designer, 18 January 2008
An excellent place to start is by looking at the website of the Society of Garden Designers. All those listed on their site are Registered Members or Fellows of the Society and will have a minimum of two years’ experience.

Design You Garden Inspiration for Garden Design, 15 January 2008
If you are seeking design ideas for your garden, inspiration can be found from looking in the right books, visiting great gardens and noticing the shapes and patterns that can be seen all around you every day.

Why Use A Garden Designer Why Use A Garden Designer, 15 January 2008
Many people feel that spending money on employing a professional designer is a waste, thinking it can't be that difficult to do the job themselves. But what makes a good garden into a gorgeous garden is knowing how to put all the elements together.

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